Как получить больше просмотров на YouTube: способы


Most newcomers who have recently started posting videos on YouTube are interested in how to get more views. Because after creating the content, either no one is watching it, or the target audience is dissatisfied with the views. In order to get YouTube views, you need to know about the ways to zoom in. We will tell you about them in our article. Stay tuned!

So, first you need to sort your videos on the channel by popularity and clearly see which ones have gained the most views. Next, pay attention to who is watching you and what your target audience expects from you. This is the only way you can meet the expectations of your audience. We do not advise you to increase the number of views, because it will not lead to good results. You only need real views that will help you develop further. You will understand who you created the content for, try to get more views, and be happy to record new videos. You can use calls to action, such as comments, subscribing to a channel, or rating a video that you can talk about both at the beginning of the video and after it. Create a playlist in an interesting sequence so that the audience moves from one video to another. This will increase the viewing time to get a high rating in the future. It is very important to use the correct names and combinations of thumbnails so that the user starts viewing them. To do this, you need to choose an image that will reflect the content of your video, the image should be obvious and you can place text on it if you want. Use the final screensaver, which will lead to further views of your videos. Be sure to use keywords in the title. To do this, enter a name in the search bar that will be similar to the characteristics of your video, which queries will be highlighted to you, and use a similar one for your video. Check out your competitors ‘ channels. this will help you find out what your target audience likes and which videos get a large number of views, and which ones cause negative emotions in the audience. This way, you will be able to make a conclusion and not make mistakes on your channel in the future. Using all these methods, as well as observing them, you will get a large number of views on YouTube. Thanks for your attention!